Ypma Siberian Cats



This cattery has stopped breeding. 

Ypma is a small cattery in Tzummarum, Netherlands.
Andokaya's Ultimus, a.k.a. Timo, is the stud. Timo is a black tabby mackerel boy, who has been nominated for Best In Show more than once!


Above: Timo and Iz Ermitage Dinara are best friends!
Timo was still a very young boy in this picture, Dinara is about 6 months old here.
And here she is: Dinara, the proud mother of 5 little Siberians! She had 4 boys and one girl, two boys were black tabby, two boys black and white, and the girl is black and white too.
In this picture the kittens are 2 days old.
 In this picture the kittens are 4 weeks old and ready to explore the world! They are born July 9th, 2000. Their breeder raised them in the living room, with all together 8 adult cats and a dog. They are used to a small child as well. 
They have developed into naughty and very clever little fur balls, who just love to hang around together.  They'll eat about anything, so watch your plate!
Mom and dad both have a very sweet temper, daddy does not spray and lives with the rest of the cats in the living room.

Let's meet the gang!

Above: the black & white girl with 6 months of age.
Down: her black & white brother. Both have very little white. He has gone to live with a loving family!
Above: the black & more white boy. Isn't he his moms' spitting image?! 

Down: this black tabby classic boy has found people for him self.

Both the black & white boys together in the picture.