Int. Ch. Iz Ermitage Benjuschka Tasha


 Uschi of cattery Iz Ermitage, thank you for this girl, our first Siberian Cat. We have no words to express how special she is to us. 
Born 1st of November 1998

Died September 28, 2006 

Only 14 weeks old and already quite used to live in our house... Ivar and Einar took it upon them to teach the little stranger proper Norwegian and made her feel right at home. They did a great job, Tasha is at ease with us!
Her coat is smooth as silk, if she wants to escape there's no way holding on to her. Though her ghost markings are quite heavy, she has developed a great smoke.

Tasha has got the most beautiful green eyes with no other color in them.
About six months old in this picture and still heavy in ghost marking.... She loves to roam the garden, looking for bugs and mice, playing with the other cats, or just to hang about. After the first summer in the sun, her fur had a lilac shine over it. This got her some remarks at shows, but this year I was able to point out, that a reddish shine was not as bad as a lilac one! I could try and keep her out of the sun..... How do you do that, when a cat is in love with thermal radiation?

This is a good example of a Siberian Cat, who is not extremely typical for her breed. Her head is too narrow, her ears are not standing  wide enough and she doesn't have the heavy bone structure she should have. Her hair may  have the right texture, but it could be longer, missing the ruff too. She has the muscles though and more than once the character! She is the superb mom her breed is famous for, even if she hasn't had kittens of her own yet.... 
This picture was taken Febryary 2000, when Tasha had the most gorgeous smoke. She got her second title (International Champion) in Lüdenscheid at the Koschka show, held on May 20th and 21st, 2000.
We decided to get her off birth control medication and waited for her to go into heat. That took quite some time! All in all it took 1.5 years for her to get pregnant and give birth to her first litter, but they were born on October 28th 2001, exactly on the date I thought they would come. Father is Gr.Int.Ch. Iz Ermitage Colja, a seal tabby point stud and very very beautiful! Visit him at the site of his tin opener: the banner of the Iz Ermitage cattery can be found in our links page


Take a look at their kittens!!
Then over 1 year later, Tasha got pregnant again, this time she had kittens with our own boy Buian. Find their 6-pack in their own page!